Archbanger Fraggle

The Archbanger Fraggle is the head of the Pipebangers, whose job it is to refill the water in the Fraggle Pond when it runs low. He does this by leading the Pipebangers in a ritual that involves striking the pipes in Fraggle Rock with sticks. The noisy pipes leadDoc to believe that there is a problem with his boiler, which he consequently empties. The Fraggles, however, believe the appearance of water to be magically related to the Pipebangers' actions.

In his only appearance, in the Fraggle Rock episode "Let the Water Run," the Archbanger Fraggle is shocked when the water doesn't flow out of the pipes, despite repeated banging; he is unaware that Doc is fixing his boiler. When Red brings back an umbrella from Doc's Workshop, the Archbanger insists on using it to bang on the pipes, claiming, "I know a sacred banging stick when I see one." Doc turns his boiler on at the very moment that the Archbanger begins to strike the pipes with the umbrella, and the Fraggles' faith in the pipebanging ritual is restored.

Jerry Nelson 

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