Around The World is the fourth Sesame Street Live stage show, produced by VEE Corporation from 1983-1985. 


Cookie Monster is a contestant on a TV quiz show hosted by Guy Smiley. When Cookie Monster is declared the winner, Guy Smiley gives Cookie Monster a choice of a world tour for himself and his friends or cookies as his prize. The gang urges Cookie to take the trip, telling him about all the kinds of food he can sample in different countries. Cookie Monster picks the trip, and his friends travel around the world.

In Mexico, Herry Monster, Ernie, Bert, and three Seedy Birds do a Mexican hat dance.

In Italy, Herry Monster, Grover, and Cookie Monster take a gondola ride and get homesick for their mommies.

In London, the Count and the Honkers do a rock dance around the Big Ben Clock. 


Cast Edit

Voices of the Muppets Edit


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