Big Bird's Sesame Street Story is the 1988 production of the touring live show Sesame Street Live, produced by VEE Corporation. In this show, Big Bird and his friends explain how the television show Sesame Street came to be. This show celebrates the 20th anniversary of Sesame Street. [1]

A Los Angeles Times review explains the show's premise: "It's exciting, as Las Vegas is, but it's awfully grandiose for these unassuming characters. And the story line is even more narcissistic: a look at how Sesame Street got to be a TV show. It isn't a factual story; no one mentions Muppets creator Jim Henson. But its explanation of how everyone had to be convinced that kids would want to learn something from TV, as well as be entertained, is ridiculously self-promotional. Have writers Jon Stone and Joseph A. Bailey run out of story ideas that would more directly relate to the real concerns of preschoolers?" [2]

Songs included "Sesame Street Theme", "C Is For Cookie", "Rubber Duckie", "Put Down the Duckie" and "The Wheels on the Car". 


Voices of the MuppetsEdit


There were some items exclusively available for the tour. Among them were four posters, a souvenir program, banners and pennants.


Jon Stone
Joseph A. Bailey

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