Produced by VEE Corporation in 1981, Big Bird's Super Spectacular Totally Amateur Show was the second Sesame Street Live show. It was produced for the 1982-1983 tour year as well. 


Voices of the MuppetsEdit



There were some items exclusively available for the tour. Among them were four posters, a souvenir program, banners and pennants.


Jon Stone
Joseph A. Bailey
==Production Credits==
  • Produced by Bob Shipstad
  • Directed and Choreographed by Anita Mann
  • Music Director: Paul Walberg
  • Muppet Costumes designed and built by Muppets Inc.
  • Mechanical Animation by Mae Canaga
    • Supervised by Marilee Canaga
  • The New Sesame Street Live Muppets were designed by Michael Frith
  • Dialog Editing, Music Recording & Mixing by: Allen Kaufma


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