Billy Bunny was the star of Billy Bunny's Animal Songs, a direct to video production from 1993. He was also seen in original footage created for the Sing-Along video, It's Not Easy Being Green, and in a Muppet Time segment.

In Billy Bunny's Animal Songs, Billy sings his way through the forest as he runs across a swamp full of frogs, a cave full of rapping bears and a singing porcupine. Billy appeared in the Muppet Sing Along video It's Not Easy Being Green; Billy appeared in new material alongside Kermit the Frog and was also inserted into the song "Bar-B-Que" from Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas.

Billy also appeared in a Muppet Time segement in 1994, wherein he tries to join the Frog Scouts.

A 1993 press release for the release of Billy Bunny's Animal Songsdescribed Billy as:

Billy Bunny

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