.A list of instances in which a character was recast with another performer. Main performers are marked in bold; cases in which someone held a puppet up in the background of a group shot are not included. If a performer was cast as that character in only one production, the title of that production is noted. If the performer performed the character for more than one production, a date range is listed. For further details, see the Casting History section of the respective character page on the wiki (linked in the header). 

The MuppetsEdit


Afghan Hound,Edit


Bobby BensonEdit

Camilla the ChickenEdit

 Dr. TeethEdit

Floyd PepperEdit

Fozzie BearEdit



Kermit the FrogEdit

Link Hogthrob.Edit

Lew ZealandEdit

Marvin SuggsEdit

  • Frank Oz — 1976-1980
  • Eric Jacobson — 2011-present

Miss Piggy,Edit

Mo FrackleEdit

Bruce Lanoil 2001-present 

The NewsmanEdit


  • Jerry Nelson — 1980-2002
  • Matt Vogel — 2011-present 

Robin the FrogEdit

Rowlf the DogEdit

  • Jim Henson — 1962-1990
  • Bill Barretta — 1996-present 




  • Richard Hunt — 1976-1991
  • Jerry Nelson — 1975, 1992-2003
  • Steve Whitmire — 2002-present
  • Drew Massey — 2005-2006
  • Bill Barretta — Jimmy Kimmel Live (2003), Muppets Most Wanted (shot later dubbed over by Whitmire) (2014)

The Swedish ChefEdit

Sam the EagleEdit

 Uncle DeadlyEdit

  • Jerry Nelson — 1976-1979
  • Matt Vogel — 2011 to present 


Sesame StreetEdit

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