Eric Jacobson started working with the Muppets in 1994 as a puppeteer on Sesame Street, and rose through the ranks of Sesame puppeteers. In order to keep the characters of Frank Oz - who was focusing more on directing and other pursuits - alive and visible, Jacobson was selected due to his strong puppeteer talent and extremely similar vocal range. Jacobson has worked on projects starring the classic Muppet Show and Sesame Street characters, and on Bear in the Big Blue House

Puppeteer CreditsEdit

Sesame Street 1994-present  Anything Muppets AM Monsters Animals Grover 2000-present Bert 2001-present

Miss Piggy,2001-present  Fozzie Bear 2002-present Animal  2002-present Sam the Eagle 2005-present Marvin Suggs 2011-present


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