Hoots the Owl is the resident jazz musician on Sesame Street, first introduced in 1985. Hoots plays the saxophone, often performing at the jazz club Birdland. He has a granddaughternamed Athena. Some of his songs have included "Put Down the Duckie", "Do De Rubber Duck", "The Birdcall Boogie", and most recently, "A Cookie Is a Sometime Food" with Cookie Monster.

In a 1988 episode, Hoots explains his career background to Athena through pictures hanging along one of the walls of Birdland. He first started out in a band called "The Rhythm School", where he got his first real gig. Later he worked at a classy nightclub, working with great artists that included his future wife (who closely resembles Athena). He then flew downtown where he got into jazz before finally settling on Sesame Street, where he jammed with his new band, the Birdland Players.

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