Lisa Buckley is a Connecticut-based puppeteer [1] who performed Betty Lou and others on Sesame Street in the 1990s and was also a regular on Dog City.

Buckley is married to Bob Fappiano, an experienced puppet builder and performer, and both worked on ALF, performing occasional guest puppets and serving as "special assistants" to ALF. Other credits include Between the Lions, Space Cats, and Mathamatazz. Most recently, Buckley participated in the Indonesian puppet program Two Gardens.

She performed a puppet version of Sesame English character Mike, for the pilot of "Sesame English Tours" (1998).

Buckley has done much freelance work for CTW, aside from the Muppets. She designed and built puppets for "GE Science" (1997), a 40-episode co-production aired in China, starring Buckley as Omni; she designed, built and performed puppets for a pilot Ty & Lacy (1998); designed and built three poseable models for "Pebble Soup" (1998) photo shoots; and designed and built puppets and poseables for "Reading Road Show" and "Mathatazzz" (1999), performing Daisy, Annie, and six additional background puppets.

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