Madame Chairbird is the turbaned head of the Feathered Friends society in Follow That Bird. Appearing in the film's pre-credits scenes, it is she who first brings before the Board of Birdsthe sad case of Big Bird, attracting the attention of Miss Finch and setting the plot in motion. Madame Chairbird re-appears within the film on the cover of Newsbeak magazine.

Madame Chairbird was one of the few new characters from Follow That Birdto be recycled on Sesame Street, often appearing as a patron at Hoots' Birdland club.

She also appeared in The Muppets: A Celebration of 30 YearsDon't Forget to Watch the Movie, and in the fifth episode of The Ghost of Faffner Hall.

A slightly altered, yet very similar puppet was later created for Nani Bird fromSesame Beginnings.

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