Plaza Sésamo is the Latin American co-production of Sesame Street. Premiering in November 1972 and co-produced with Televisa, the series initially featured a mixed cast of Panamanian, Argentinian, and mostly Mexican performers, featured "neutral Spanish", and was meant for kids up to 8 years old. It aired at 2:30 pm on Canal 2. As the years progressed, the series more explicitly reflected Mexico, where the show is shot; in addition to airing in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and throughout Spanish-speaking Latin America, the series debuted on PBS on April 3, 1995, broadcast primarily in Southwest markets on weekends. The program is also seen on Telefutura. It is the only Sesame Street co-production that can be widely seen in the United States. 

Sesame Workshop descriptionEdit

Plaza Sésamo premiered in Mexico and Latin America in 1972. The acclaimed Spanish-language television series for preschool children depicts a colorful neighborhood, the Plaza, which is home to a mix of families, children, and Muppets. Like its counterpart, Sesame Street, the show intertwines animation, live action films, studio segments and original music videos that teach basic literacy and numeracy and help children gain a better understanding of the world around them. In 2003, Plaza Sésamo celebrated its 30th anniversary. Three decades after launching in Mexico and Latin America the series continues to educate and delight children through its television broadcast and in other media, including; books, videos, toys, and a Plaza Sésamo theme park in Monterrey, Mexico. In 2006, the first of three exciting new seasons of Plaza Sésamo will air on Televisa, Discovery Kids Latin America, Univision Puerto Rico, and TeleFutura. Additionally, Sesame Workshop will distribute the show throughout the Latin American marketplace and the US Hispanic marketplace. The new episodes of Plaza Sésamo will see the return of Abelardo, Lola, and Pancho, as well as favorites Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert, and Ernie. Regional live action films, produced by local producers from throughout Latin America, will highlight the rich cultural diversity of the region. In addition, ten new 60-minute Plaza Sésamo home video titles, including a holiday special, will be produced along with seasons 9, 10 and 11.


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