Sesame Street Season 35 aired beginning April 5, 2004



  • Herry  says wait oh he still made background appearances  in subsequent productions but didn't speak until 2013's  From Broadway With Love  After Jerry Nelson's death where he was performed by Tyler Bunch begins


Muppet Characters (speaking)

Baby Bear,Bert Big Bird Chickens Cookie Monster Count von Count, Curly Bear Dingers Elmo  Ernie Googel Grover Herry Monster Honkers  Mel Narf Oscar the Grouch Rosita Slimey the Worm Snuffy Telly  Two-Headed Monster  Zoe

Human Characters (speaking)

Maria, Alan, Gordon, Gina, Luis, Bob, Susan, Gabi, Miles, Mr. Noodle, and Dorothy



Alison Bartlett O'ReillyDesiree CasadoEmilio DelgadoOlamide FaisonBill IrwinLoretta LongSonia ManzanoBob McGrathAlan MuraokaRoscoe Orman

Season CreditsEdit

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