Sesame Street's 50th season would premiere on .

Season 50 brand new 5050 episodes on HBOProduction will start in 2019 to 2020  Edit

Guest Stars Edit

Sukho Lee

Backstreet Boys

Mark Linn-Baker

Josh Freese

Patrick Stewart

Ray Barbee

Fred Armisen

Paul Scheer

Joan Cusack

Diana Krall

Jeffrey Tambor


Episode 5001 Movie Night

Episode 5002 And The BLUE Grass Grew All Around?!

Episode 5003 Chris's Rumage Sale

Episode 5004 Telly Learns To Forgive Part 1

Episode 5005 Telly Learns To Forgive Part 2

Episode 5006 Rosita, And Big Bird's Birthday

Episode 5007 Rosita, And Bert Get Married

Episode 5008 Abby The Rapper

Episode 5009 Louie, Where Are You?

Episode 5010 Circus

Episode 5011 Farm

Episode 5012 Share Sham

Episode 5013 Oscar The Grouch Wants Bert To Become A Grouch

Episode 5014 La De Da De Dum

Episode 5015 John's Disco Party

Episode 5016 Alan's Lost Background Vocalists

Episode 5017 A Sesame Street Easter

Episode 5018 Twice, and thrice Upon a Sesame Street christmas

Episode 5019 Sofia's Hair

Episode 5020 Hooper's Store Gets Turned Into A Toy Store

Episode 5021 Rudy The Orange

Episode 5022 Telly Thinks Rudy, And Elmo Doesn't Like Him Anymore

Episode 5023 Oscar's Cold

Episode 5024 Feelings

Episode 5025 Funny

Episode 5026 Milk

Episode 5027 Kitties

Episode 5028 More Kitties

Episode 5029 (Rerun In Which To Promote "The Sesame Street Movie")

Episode 5030 After The Movie

Episode 5031 Time To Go

Episode 5032 Bag Packing

Episode 5033 Sing Along goodbye

Episode 5034 Change Of Neighborhood

Episode 5035 50 Years And No More

episode 5036 rudy gets loose [repeat]

episode 5037 baby bear baby doll [repeat]

episode 5038 elmo and the chain lamp

episode 5039 rag doll

episode 5040 aladdin

episode 5041 elmo and the hand in the box

episode 5042 elmo megamind

episode 5043 elmo space alarm lost puppy

episode 5044 rag doll fianle part 2

episode 5045 elmo rock band

episode 5046 elf mummy ride starts

episode 5047 jungle world

episode 5048 ssame street light of terror special

episode 5049 elmo fishing boats on the beach starts first season

episode 5050 elmo rock fianle part 2

episode 5051 rag doll season 1 is coming soon

episode 5052 kidness 1 to elmo window

episode 5053 elmo ran to different rooms

episode 5054 elmo zoo remake

episode 5055 elmo wants become a hero


  • This is John’s first season. He is played by YGG’s Lance Robertson.
  • Although This Is The Final Season Of Sesame Street, John Continues To Appear On The Set To Teach Kids Each Week About All The Fun They Had for 50 Years.


  • Lance Robertson as John Wolfgramm
  • Suki Lopez as Nina Marquez
  • Chris Knowings as Chris Robinson
  • Alan Muroko as Alan jones
  • Jennifer Barnhart as Granny Bird, And Zoe
  • Stephanie D'abruzzo as Prarie Dawn
  • Eric Jacobson as Oscar The Grouch, Grover, And Bert
  • Peter Linz as Ernie
  • Martin P. Robinson as Telly Monster, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Slimey
  • Matt Vogel As Big Bird, Elmo, And Count Von Count
  • Carmen Osbahr As Rosita, And Grundgetta
  • Jasmine Romaro as Sofia