The Jim Henson Hour was an hour-long prime-time anthology series produced by Jim Henson as a showcase for a variety of Jim Henson Productions' television work. The short-lived series aired over the course of four months in 1989. During this time, a total of nine episodes (out of twelve produced in total) aired on NBC, before the low-rated series was cancelled. Edit


muppet CameosEdit

Aretha  from Fraggle Rock

Begoony from Fraggle Rock

Brool the Minstrel from Fraggle Rock

Blustering Bellowpane Monster from Fraggle Rock

Inkspots from Fraggle Rock

Last of the Lily Creatures from Fraggle Rock

Murray the Minstrel  from Fraggle Rock

Mudwell the Mudbunny from Fraggle Rock

Philo and Gunge from Fraggle Rock 

Sprocket from Fraggle Rock

Wander McMooch  from Fraggle Rock

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