Sesame Street
Plot The Street We Live On (Season Premiere)
Air date April 4, 2004
Season Season 35 (2004)
Sponsors C, 10
Releases Elmo's World: The Street We Live On

The Street We Live On is a celebration of 35 years, which aired as Episode 4057. In the special, Elmo has a special day in Elmo's World, thinking about his neighborhood. The special contains clips from classic Sesame Street episodes, a special musical number sung by the Sesame Street cast members, and a timeline sequence which pays tribute to some of the greatest moments of Sesame Street

Picture Scene Description
COLD OPEN My Favorite Sesame Street Moments: Doris Roberts

"My favorite moment about Sesame Street is all 35 years."

IMG 8720
SCENE 1 Grover's given a package to send to Oscar the Grouch. Along the way, he encounters his various friends and neighbors, and eventually gives Oscar the package. It's a drawing of Dorothy drawn by Elmo, with spaghetti sauce on the picture. Included is a note from Elmo's mother: "Dear Oscar, Elmo drew this picture of Dorothy and spilled spaghetti sauce on it and wanted you to have it." Oscar likes the picture and wonders where Elmo's at, which leads to...
IMG 8721
IMG 8722
IMG 8723
SCENE 1 cont'd Elmo's World! Elmo welcomes the viewers and reveals that he's thinking about Sesame Street today. The door plays the Sesame Street Theme and when Elmo opens it, his friends are sitting or hanging around 123 Sesame Street. Just then Oscar pops up and says to Elmo, "Hey! Get Lost!" A clip montage follows.

In the DVD release, the montage is shortened and replaces the kazoo-version of the "Sesame Street Theme" with the standard Elmo's World montage music.

IMG 8724
SCENE 2 Dorothy has a question: "How does Cookie Monster eat a cookie?" Elmo decides to ask Mr. Noodle.
SCENE 2 cont'd Mr. Noodle attempts to demonstrate how Cookie Monster eats a cookie. He first eats the cookie in small bites and then tries to eat the cookie neatly with a fork and knife. Elmo tells him to think like a monster and Mr. Noodle eats the cookie messy. After Mr. Noodle finishes the cookie and wanted some more, a bunch of cookies suddenly fell on to him and Mr. Noodle began to eat them all.
IMG 8725
SCENE 2 cont'd Elmo asks some kids how Cookie Monster eats a cookie, and then asks two babies, one of whom is really Cookie Monster dressed as a baby. Cookie Monster bites a cookie, forming the letter C, and proclaims that "C is for Cookie."
Celebrity "C is for Cookie" with Marilyn Horne.

(EKA: Episode 3189)

Cartoon The Typewriter: C-cat (new sound effects added)

(EKA: Episode 2313)

Film "C" for Circle

(EKA: Episode 3313)

Animation Traction Jackson sings "Me and My Chair".
Muppets The Spanish Word of the Day: Casa

(First: Episode 3991)

IMG 8726
SCENE 3 Elmo gets e-mail from Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus, who teach Elmo how to do the Snuffleupagus, by singing "Doin' the Snuffleupagus".
IMG 8727
SCENE 3 cont'd Elmo decides to count the monsters in the monster parade, but Count von Count wants to help, saying that when they finish counting, they will know "The Number of the Day". They count 9 monsters, but then adding Elmo they counted 10 monsters all together, which means 10 is the Number of the Day.
Film Ten Song (Song of Ten) (new sound effects added)

(First: Episode 0021)

Film 10 Flowers

This segment was edited when this special was released on video.

Cartoon "Ten Turtles"

(EKA: Episode 0815) This segment was edited when this special was released on video.

IMG 8728
IMG 8729
SCENE 4 Ernie runs into Elmo's World, trying to find a place to hide from Big Bird. Big Bird sticks his head into Elmo's World before the announcer announces that it's time to play "Journey to Ernie", despite the fact that the game already started.
IMG 8730
Muppets Journey to Ernie

Nursery Rhyme Land

IMG 8731
SCENE 5 Bert comes looking for Ernie, and wonders how he can get out of Elmo's World. Elmo says that Dorothy was thinking about Bert and Ernie.
Muppets Ernie and Bert: "Dance Myself to Sleep" featuring a new sequence with each celebrity who appeared on Sesame Street during the 35th season. When this special was released on video, some of the celebrities were edited out.
SCENE 5 cont'd Elmo asks the viewers about who lives on Sesame Street and who doesn't.
IMG 8732
SCENE 5 cont'd Elmo talks about how Grover travels a lot. Grover went on a trip and told Elmo all about it.
Muppets Global Grover:

Peacock Dance in China

SCENE 6 Elmo wants to know more about Sesame Street, so he turns to "The Grover, Big Bird, Maria, and all Elmo's Friends Channel".
SCENE 6 cont'd A cartoon about a little girl who gets lost and ends up on Sesame Street, meeting Big Bird, Zoe, Oscar, Super Grover, Maria, Gordon, and Snuffy. They sing the Alphabet and also dance along to it. Then the little girl leaves Sesame Street and says good bye to everyone there.

Coming up next: "Counting with the Count"

IMG 8734
SCENE 6 cont'd Elmo wants to learn more about Sesame Street, so Super Grover comes to take Elmo back in time to see what Sesame Street was like before he was born. After a few failed attempts, Grover becomes a taxi driver, and they ride in a taxi that takes them back in time.
IMG 8734
SCENE 6 cont'd Grover drives his taxi back in time, and Elmo gets to see Mr. Hooper, Maria and Luis's wedding, Gabi's birth, and Miles's adoption.
IMG 8733
SCENE 6 cont'd Elmo decides to sing "The Sesame Street Song", and starts playing it on his piano, but then he stops, realizing that he doesn't have to sing about Sesame Street because he IS in Sesame Street and he decides to tell everyone the good news.
IMG 8735
SCENE 6 cont'd Elmo tells everyone on Sesame Street that he's glad that they're his friends and that he lives on Sesame Street. Then they all sing "The Street I Live On."
IMG 8735
SCENE 6 cont'd Elmo and Dorothy announce the sponsors and wave good-bye to the viewers. Everybody also wave good-bye to the viewers as Oscar comes up his trash can and replies, "Get Lost!"
Timeline A timeline sequence, showcasing one clip from each season. At the end, a moment of silence.

When this special was released on video, this sequence was cut.

Muppets "Mahna Mahna" (First: Episode 0014) plays during the credits.

The introduction is not included. When released on video, this segment was replaced with "Clap, Clap, Clap." (EKA: Episode 0536)

Clips in Timeline SequenceEdit

1969: Gordon shows Sally around Sesame Street (Episode 0001)/ Ernie sings Rubber Duckie.
1970: The King of 8.
1971: The Ladybug Picnic.
1972: Herry Monster and John-John count to 20.
1973: Bob and Maria, dressed as spies, sing "One of These Things".
1974: David and Olivia sing The People in Your Neighborhood.
1975: Lily Tomlin sings and signs Sing with a group of kids.
1976: Ernie plays doctor with Bert.
1977: Madeline Kahn and Grover sing Sing After Me.
1978: C-3PO sees Big Bird.
1979: "Born to Add"
1980: Big Bird sings "Wheels on My Feet".
1981: Harry Belafonte sings "The Coconut Counting Man".
1982: Teeny Little Superguy.
1983: Big Bird learns that Mr. Hooper isn't coming back (Episode 1839).
1984: Maria and Luis sing "You Say Hola."
1985: The adults see Mr. Snuffleupagus for the first time ever (Episode 2096).
1986: "Put Down the Duckie".
1987: "African Alphabet Song".
1988: Kermit directs Forgetful Jones in a production of "Oklahoma".
1989: Alistair Cookie of Monsterpiece Theater introduction of "The King and I" with Grover as the king.
1990: Luxo Jr.
1991: Oscar sings "I Love Trash". (remake)
1992: "That's the Letter O"
1993: William Wegman's dogs count. 
1994: Savion plays a rhyming game.
1995: "Eating Cookie".
1996: A beluga whale shows Elmo love.
1997: Tony Bennett sings "Slimey to the Moon".
1998: Patrick tells Grover that he is the best monster he has ever met.
1999: "Furry Happy Monsters"
2000: "What is Friend?"
2001: Big Bird learns that a hurricane blew his nest down (Episode 3977).
2002: Elmo tells the fire fighters that he's not scared anymore (Episode 3981).
2003: Miles and the monsters sing the alphabet.
2004: The cast at the end of the special. 


Major Muppets (speaking)

ElmoBig BirdGroverZoeCookie MonsterBertErnieCount von CountRositaTelly,  Two-Headed MonsterBaby BearCurly BearSnuffySlimey the WormOscar the GrouchChickens

Background Muppets (non-speaking)

Herry Monster, HonkerDingerNarfGoogel, Mel,

Human Cast (speaking)

Alan, Bob, Gabi, Gina, Gordon, Luis, Maria, Miles, Mr. Noodle, Susan, and Dorothy.

Muppet Performers of Sesame Street


Alison Bartlett O'Reilly, Desiree Casado, Emilio Delgado, Olamide Faison, Bill Irwin, Loretta Long, Sonia Manzano, Bob McGrath, Alan Muraoka, Roscoe Orman



  • Although Mr. Hooper, Miles' adoption, Maria and Luis' wedding, and Gabi's birth are all touted as events that occurred before Elmo was born, they in fact occurred long after the character was introduced. Elmo, in fact, can be seen in the clip of Maria and Luis' wedding, yet acts like he isn't even there.
  • The timeline incorrectly includes a clip with Olivia to represent 1974. Olivia first appeared on the show in 1976.
  • Although the timeline sequence includes a clip from one of C-3PO and R2D2's appearances for 1978, their appearances were actually made in season 11
  • Herry  says wait oh he still made background appearances  in subsequent productions but didn't speak until 2013's  From Broadway With Love  After Jerry Nelson's death where he was performed by Tyler Bunch begins