Wander McMooch is a toad-like villain on Fraggle Rock, who lives in the realm of the Gorgs. He debuted in the second season episode "Junior Sells the Farm." A greedy real estate developer, McMooch cons Junior Gorg into selling the Gorgs' Castle and surrounding lands. Junior signs over the property in exchange for what McMooch claims are the mythical Peas of PowerMokey andRed aid Junior in outwitting the con man. The plan only succeeds when McMooch discovers that Fraggles are on the property, as he lives in fear of the "cute" creatures. His other appearances include Muppet Christmas Carol (as a guest at Fred and Clara's party), Muppet Treasure Island (as a pirate), Muppets from Space (as a cape doom) and Muppets Most Wanted (as a gulag inmate)

'Performer:'Bob Stutt
Wander McMooch

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